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Scale and Commercialize Recipes

We’ve developed close relationships with many of the area’s leading chefs, with whom we’ve created exciting and unique products. Our 35+ years of experience making ice cream and frozen desserts work at scale makes us a perfect collaborator for customers needing additional co-packing or a proven formula that needs scaling up for commercialization. Because our products are served worldwide, we’ve also learned to customize flavors when necessary to suit regional tastes.

Private Labeling & Co-Packing

We manufacture ice cream and frozen desserts in various sizes for the marketplace and for customers who need products packaged with their branding.

Frozen Storage

Because we love ice cream, we have plenty of freezer space to store your products temporarily.


We ship by land, air, and sea to US and Caribbean locations. We work with many large and small companies nationally and internationally who have discovered that our ideal location close to Miami can mean significant savings on freight. We’re close to all Florida ports, so our direct delivery route includes cruise ships, and shipping overseas is a breeze.

We Answer the Phone

We’d love to talk to you about your needs and how we might help, please reach out to us at 800-968-5853.